Friday, August 8, 2008

Human Rights!!

Salam'alaikum again to the readers...

After a very inactive week of not writing anything (as in, really my own masterpiece) I'm finally able to steal away a few moments to write in here. Somehow or other, Allah really had wanted to test my time management skills this week. Packed with quizzes, assignments, and many other commitments.

Well.. regarding the topic above.. Why 'Human Rights'? Perhaps that question was on your mind the first time browsing thru the topic. No, it is not about a debate matter. Nor is it a discussion on political democracy or what nots. No... neither is it on children's rights. I wish i can talk on those.. but not for now, perhaps later... And btw... this is a warning: DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU'RE NOT IN THE MOOD TO HEAR PEOPLE GRUMBLING
*for perhaps I am kind of doing that...sorry...*

I'm currently in a harried mode. At least, perhaps the word 'frustrated' or 'bothered' can also be used. Yeah, mad that my rights as a consumer and well... a student is being somewhat 'threatened'. Um.. no, perhaps those aren't quite the right terms... but to put it simply, I'm currently being forced to do something that I do not want to. To pay for an activity which involves my course seniors and lecturers.

No, i'm not really bothered about the activity that are going to be held. But I believe that you're not supposed to be forced to do some things which you do not need to do, nor is it supposed to be made compulsory if it is not part and parcel of your course's requirements. Sure, the objective of the activity is to strengthen the bond and all... yet, isn't all the dinners, clinical and lecture time enough? And on top of that, my course is super small, with only 45 of us second years, and around 15++ lecturers. So... couldn't you just get close to the lecturers on campus?

Furthermore... i really cannot come.. as the time clashes with other stuff that is far more important which I must attend. Yet i'm still forced to pay. Where is my rights to have my say? Apparently, the money doesn't belong to me, sure. It is Allah's. And I think I am able to find better things to do with them, insyaAllah, rather than sparing them for an activity which I think does not have any effect on my overall self improvement, and which may even make me 'lagha'.

Yeah... I believe there is something down there, regarding human rights, that we are not to be forced to do what we don't want to do. Perhaps we can add a bit more... as long as we're doing things which goes in accordance to what ALlah allows. And no, I'm not going to pay for the activity. So... sorry to all those who is handling the programme.

You might think it is too much to make such a big fuss about just a few ringgit. Yeah, perhaps it is. Yet, I believe that I have already been forced to pay too much already, for things which I do not even take part in. And also for the many clothes which I do not wear. Because they simply say: These are 'wajib' for such and such activity. I have had enough of people forcing me. Perhaps it is just time to say.. enough IS enough.

**Now I suddenly wonder... how come some people con so very sweetly say, this and that is wajib, yet... what really IS wajib they did not do? The stuff that Allah had already stated clearly in the Quran, those are worth more that any rights available. And I'm not opposing that one..

(sorry for the angry post.... None tarbawi in there.. just want to vent out, somehow.. I'll try to post something nice next time)

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hood@sunny said...

I've had the same condition 3 years ago. So, what I'm doing was, I still wasn't paying and attending. Apa derang bleh buat? boycott? hehhe tapi kalau betul2 agenda tu termasuk dalam pointer atau marks, kene tawazun hati la. sedih2. Menarik persoalan hijab tu.:D